Steel Siding

Steel Siding Installation in Billings, MT


Rimrock Roofing also specializes in steel siding

Today’s toughest siding withstands the elements without compromising great looks. With the fluctuating temperatures of Montana’s climate, and the snow, rain, wind and hail that come with it, your home’s exterior needs uncompromising strength. Steel siding from Rimrock Roofing offers that level of protection. Steel offers an oven-fused PVC finish that protects against dents and scratches, tighter seams and a more rigid make-up that stays true to form without buckling or warping, and our non-fade colors for lasting beauty.

The Steel Siding Collection is the finest steel siding available and offers a wide variety of styles and color choices for remodeling or new construction. Architecturally pleasing profiles and structurally sound construction delivers peace-of-mind and freedom from maintenance.

Steel siding is also green and safe for the environment. Other materials will ultimately end up in a landfill; however steel siding is 100% recyclable, extremely durable and safe to install. It is an all-around option for your home, as it offers the protection you need with a maintenance-free, natural looking wood-grain finish in your choice of colors.

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Resists Hurricane-Force Winds
Independently verified to withstand hurricane-force winds, with wind force exceeding 160 mph.

Resists Impact
Constructed of roll-formed 29 gauge galvanized steel, providing exceptional strength and impact resistance.

Class A, Non-Combustible
Unlike many other siding options, steel is a noncombustible product, meeting even the most stringent building codes.

Deters Insects
Resists damage from wood-eating insects such as termites.

A simple rinse with a garden hose is usually all that’s required to maintain that just-installed beauty.

For more information on any of our siding products or to schedule a consultation with one of our representatives, call us at 406-272-6540



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